Customs Clearance


In-house Custom Clearance

Movex provides competent and complete in-house customs brokerage. Our knowledgeable customs clearance experts taking care of documentation and enable timely and reliable movement of your goods through the customs process.
A well-designed and well-managed customs clearance program reduces cycle times, improves shipment visibility and lowers cost.
Our licensed team is committed to being up to date on the latest trade news and local regulations, whilst focusing on continuous training.

Custom Solution

Movex comprehensive Customs clearance network assists our clients with the challenges of Global Trade. New regulations, trade agreements and enhanced security programs add to the complexity of international commerce. Our organization’s focus is to assist our clients by efficiently clearing Customs in full compliance with all regulatory agencies. Providing a seamless step in the import process and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain.

  • Electronic customs clearance that begins while your shipments are still in flight.
  • Expert brokers to handle all complexities and ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes.