Movex has robust set-up as strategic business vertical, which offers comprehensive solutions for projects movements by air and sea both. The goal of this vertical is to work out innovative and precise solutions in time bound manner to ensure safe deliveries of project’s shipments.

Addressing the sensitive and specific requirements of this segment in particular we have highly experienced team of senior executives having their collective experience in projects and break bulk segment of approximately 125+ years. Qualified experience is not only limited from project’s freight forwarding but carriers of global repute, specialized customs expertise and transportation of such handling sensitive parcels.

Complex challenges of projects movements are ably addressed basis tightly net and closely coordinated below listed features of company:

  • Specialized and dedicated pool of senior and experienced executives at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai offices to address pan India shipments of projects within the group.
  • Specialized set-up at New Delhi to address customs specific expertise on pan India basis.
  • Team of highly experienced executives at New Delhi to address transportation specific requirements in specific of heavy parcels, ODC etc.
  • Vice President level senior executives having years of hands-on experience in handling project movements’ operative from our Mumbai and Ahmedabad offices.
  • Senior executives having years of hands-on experience of not only break-bulk but servicing biggest clients of Ro/Ro industry in India.
  • Excellent rapport with port authorities and ground team involved in handling those shipments at gateway ports at Mundra and Mumbai both.
  • Pool of specialized equipments for managing road haul of such ODCs and heavy lifts.
  • Pool of various seasoned experts, including masters of multipurpose vessels, as advisors to foresee the possible adversities while handing any such shipments and planning accordingly to avoid surprises at any stage of transportation.

Movex is enjoying hard earned rapport with major clients involved in project movements and these clients are having spread from Automobile Industry – to – Oil & Gas – to – Heavy Engineering – to – EPC segment. Few of the recent success stories go as follows:

Successfully handled the shipment of odd 1300 Mt (1781 CBM) under break-mode which moved for a client in automobile industry. It was a movement fm Shanghai port to Mumbai under break-bulk and post customs clearance further transportation to Gujarat and Haryana based plants of client. Out of total 127 pcs three were of odd 100 MT each and quite a few averaging over 50MT each. Odd 750 MT cargo delivered at Haryana and 550 MT at Gujarat. Despite various handling issues at port due asymmetric weight distribution in heavy parcels we were able to meet deadlines given and deliver all units safely at both destinations.

  • Series of charter flights handled from Mumbai to Libya for commodity “Cigarettes”. Negotiating air charter to seamlessly addressing transportation of cargo from manufacturing works to airport and customs clearance for all such movements in timely manner remained the basis of satisfied customer at both end. Meticulous planning was required to handle this voluminous cargo to shipments of sizes ranging from 40 MT to 95 MT. Given the sensitivities involved with the nature of cargo in general and at destination in particular text book style precision was required at each step of handling logistics in totality. Movex delivered not once but six times in succession.
  • Successfully air freighted three engines and compressors for oil and gas industry having combined gross weight of 34 MT and volume of 178 CBM in single lot from Houston to Mumbai. These old engines were to bring into India for necessary certified refurbishment. Cargo was to shift from remote location in Houston, fix all leakages, cleaned and tailor made crated before handing over to airline. Given odd dimensions of these engines packaging was challenge to keep them under the defined limits of stowage in complete leg of air freighting. Everything remained well coordinated and all three engines delivered to customs port customs clearance at Mumbai Airport as one single lot.

Movex successfully completed two projects for an EPC company of international repute for their buyers in Brewery and Distillation industry in Thailand and Malaysia. Though totally unitized but movement involved heavy inducement of specialized equipments including open tops and flat-racks along with dry containers. Project involved movement of 27 open tops and four flat racks with various dry units in combination. With seamless coordination with carriers and overseas agents, while ensuring handling sensitivities of OG units are addressed with no compromises whatsoever, achieved accolades from client.

  • Movex remains one of the most preferred companies when it comes to shipping injection molding machines and heavy press from Japan and China to India. As a matter of consistency we are averaging 20 such injection molding machines per annum and odd ten shipments per annum of heavy presses. These movements are not only limited under unitized format but in combination with break-bulk lots also. Addressing the shipping part remains just one challenge but making them customs cleared, especially when its an old machinery, requires lot of experience and customs understanding which our team has un-parallel track record. Movex remains of the major logistics provider for such specialized machines in companies in automobile industry North and Western part of India.
  • Movex remains one of preferred logistics provider for one the biggest EPC Company of India wherein importation requirements, generally by air mode, comes with lightening pace. Given generally odd dimensions of shipments meticulous understanding is required at first place to clear the costing part and execute shipments in minimum time possible manner. Movex has proved their sharp edge time and again wherein shipments moved from various parts of world into India.